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2007/01/16 06:52:09 (permalink)

Error creating reseller account

Testing HC7 before installing on my production servers. I set global setting. I added the server.
When I tried to add a reseller account, i got "Some unhandled exception has occured" error.
Are there any logs that i can check on the server?
I am using vmware for the test. I both tried MSDE and MS SQL version. It didnt work.

Win. 2003 Sp1 Std. Edi.
Merak Mail
IIS .net 1.1


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    HC Team
    Hosting Controller
    RE: Error creating reseller account 2007/01/18 06:05:23 (permalink)
    It seems like your Server is down or not responding. If a server is either shown as “Down” on main page or you cannot set/edit the settings of server from Server Manager. Follow these checks to make sure that all things are set correctly from HC site to enable remote communication.

    Following HostingController registry values under “General” key must be correct for all the systems in the cluster.


    All the systems in the cluster must have same server nodes and ServerIP’s under the “Server” node of HostingController registry.

    Atleast “HostingController Server” and “HostingController Remoting Service” must be running on all the systems of cluster.

    All the servers can connect to the Database server using the username and password given in HC registry. You can check by making a test ODBC connection.

    All the servers must be registered through the first IP of the first network card on their machine. You can set the priority of IP from the Lan Settings à Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) à TCP/IP Properties à Advanced à IP Settings.

    If there is firewall Installed on machine, then refer to the article to check which ports should be kept open in firewall settings.

    If after checking all above mentioned steps, still you see a server down in panel, or can’t communicate to it, then contact HC Support for resolution.

    HC Support Team
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