LockedDatabase Upgrade just does a backup

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2007/01/19 19:30:28 (permalink)

Database Upgrade just does a backup

I'm trying to upgrade a server from 6.1 to 7.0
I stopped all the HC 6.1 services
I then ran the Database Upgrade Utility from the web server (Subsequent hc7 setup with remote SQL server)
It displays the server name
It displays all the resadmin reseller, I select it
It displays all the webadmins
There are no conflicts it shows, it will create
It displays
Database - Backup Successful to C:\Program Files\Advanced Communications\Hosting Controller 7C\Database\hc-whatever.bak
And thats it! Doesn't import the 'resadmin' as selected. I've tried it 5 times over, I'm definitely selecting resadmin and it shows that its suppose to create it without conflict but nothing happens.

Remote SQL 2005 Server (Database Server HC7)
Web Server IIS6/W2k3 (Subsequent Server setup in cluster already)

Any ideas?

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    RE: Database Upgrade just does a backup 2007/01/20 08:54:17 (permalink)
    I have a similar problem. I got an exception when I want to upgrade. You can have a look at log files in HC7 directory. I had a look. My problem occures when HC want to upgrade the mail server information. It seems an endless loop occurs.
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    RE: Database Upgrade just does a backup 2007/01/20 14:25:22 (permalink)
    All I could find was a InstallationLog.txt under /Logs/ and it contains no information about the upgrade.
    HC Tech told me to wait til next week when a new version will be released to fix some upgrade bugs.
    Also seems that I need to get the Mysql in the cluster before I can upgrade, and thats not working because HC can't support JUST a mysql server right now, it has to have both MSSQL and MYSQL for it to be added properly to the cluster. They need to separate it out so that you specify what SQL database server it is.
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    RE: Database Upgrade just does a backup 2007/01/20 14:27:42 (permalink)
    I dont believe mysql will be fixed in the update.

    Quite a list of fixes but not MySQL, we need to have MySQL 4 + 5 on one box or 4 on one and 5 on the other but there we go, stuffed :(

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    RE: Database Upgrade just does a backup 2007/01/22 03:22:33 (permalink)
    HC7 does support mySQL and multiple mySQL versions support is already added in our to-do list. Hopefully it will be available soon.

    Please wait for Build 5 because it has many improvements regarding upgrade process.

    HC Support Team
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