Lockedit is not displaying the sites/domains :(

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2007/12/02 01:20:49 (permalink)

it is not displaying the sites/domains :(

i have this kind of a problem... i installed HC6.1 hitfix with the latest hotfix and on other computer i installed hcsec.exe i configurate as long as i think both hc on the both computers one is primery (host) and the other is secondary (remote) i already readed this article: http://support.hostingcontroller.com/index.php?action=kb&article=137

and i made all the steps, but i dont have this file on both machines [?]
dll\regsvr32 HCDComClient.dll

i will try to say it simply once again what is my problem i create user i can also create domains and when i try to visit them for example www.pizzabg.com it shows me an error it dosent have such a website :([xx(]

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    RE: it is not displaying the sites/domains :( 2007/12/02 02:57:15 (permalink)
    and also i dont have any records in DNS Zone i dont know why [V]
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    RE: it is not displaying the sites/domains :( 2007/12/02 09:19:14 (permalink)
    Did you install hotfix 3.3 on the secondary hc server?

    If so try re-applying the hotfix on both machines, make sure all services are running etc.

    Also as a last resort disable your firewall add a domain if it works then you know its your firewall.

    We had an issue with hc not adding secondary dns, ip specified in the registry was incorrect.

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    RE: it is not displaying the sites/domains :( 2007/12/02 11:27:11 (permalink)
    It seems your primary server is not able to communicate with remote secondary machine. You must have HCDcomClient.dll in your HC installation folders. If issue is still there after hotfix 3.3 please contact HC Support. Thanks

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