LockedError Creating a DB User for my MySQL DB

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2007/12/02 15:04:39 (permalink)

Error Creating a DB User for my MySQL DB

When i go to database manager i add a new database suppose the name of my new database is newdb and user is newdbuser and password 123 the database creates like this


supposing the user is mydomain_com_newdbuser and password 123 but when i try to Enter to PHPMyAdmin i says username or password incorrect and i try by entering newdbuser and 123 and mydomain_com_newdbuser and 123 but nothing

well i enter via root to the phpmyadmin i go to privileges and i dont see the user :S so i think HC is not creating the users for my DB's

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    RE: Error Creating a DB User for my MySQL DB 2007/02/13 11:27:15 (permalink)
    HC Support is checking your issue and will update you by email.

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