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2007/02/15 12:49:18 (permalink)

Wont work

I am running Windows Vista, and after insalling using MSDB (bundled free) I cannot connect at all. I just get a connection error like page cannot be found.

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    RE: Wont work 2007/02/15 12:52:33 (permalink)
    Do you mean you install hc7 on vista?

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    RE: Wont work 2007/02/16 07:33:07 (permalink)

    We have not tested HC7 with Windows Vista yet. You should have Windows Server to use Hosting Controller. There is a known issue of HC7 with MSDE; for some weird reasons MSDE Service gets stopped and installer can not create HC7 db in MSDE. Please start MSDE service and reinstall HC7 on your machine by selecting 'Susequent' machine option during installation. Hopefully that will fix your issue.

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    RE: Wont work 2007/02/19 22:48:44 (permalink)
    yes gud...its reallly nice

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