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2007/05/28 17:52:09 (permalink)

ColdFusion DSNs


I want to turn on Coldfusion just for sites that pay for it (add on).

But it seems the option in HC settings where you put CF admin password is just for creating ODBCs, right?

I was able to stop creating of Coldfusion in new sites by removing jrun dll from master site. Now I have to map it manually.

Is there a better way? For example for me to sell the CF add on and HC do the DLL mapping, etc?



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    RE: ColdFusion DSNs 2007/05/30 10:05:43 (permalink)
    Whenever you enable CF on any site; HC automatically add CF mappings in IIS for this site. Yes you are right CF Admin password is being used to create ODBC DSN connection and you have to tick Cold Fusion check box while adding ODBC DSN through Tools--->Add DSN option.

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