LockedPassword Field Issue

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2007/09/14 08:19:34 (permalink)

Password Field Issue

I'm having an issue that on any form that contains a password field, when saved it will always update the password for the application. For example, I add a mailbox to my mail server. I then go back in an add a redirect address and leave the password field blank. It sucessfully adds the redirect but it erases the password because I left the change password field blank. It seems that it does the update even if you don't select to change the password.


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    RE: Password Field Issue 2007/09/14 08:22:29 (permalink)
    Interesting i thought i was imagining this on mailboxes the other day maybe it really is a bug.

    Usually an IF Statement something like
    IF txtPassword > "" Then
    update password
    End IF

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    RE: Password Field Issue 2007/09/17 06:07:10 (permalink)
    Issue has been fixed and fix will be available in upcoming build.

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