Lockeddomain and subdomain on different systems

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2008/08/01 09:54:10 (permalink)

domain and subdomain on different systems

is it a good idea to enable hosting site.com on windows server and host sub.site.com on a linux server
all what you need is just having site.com on IIS and sub.site.com on apache and the DNS is hosted on the main DNS server and the subdomain record on it point to the linux server

That will lead us to make plans for windows , linux and mix
and webadmin can benefit from using 2 systems on his domain

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    RE: domain and subdomain on different systems 2008/09/01 10:29:28 (permalink)
    This feature is already supported. First you have to enable Manual load balancer at hcadmin level under My Server option then sell windows and linux plans to your reseller. In that way you can create a subdomain in apache server whose parrent domain was created on IIS web server.

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