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2008/09/01 23:17:13 (permalink)

Reseller Nameserver Error

One of my Reseller is using his own NameServers which has been configured in HC6.1 (Hotfix 3.3) from

My Server :: Configure DNS > Enable Reseller Nameserver

- Now all his websites are not working
- When he tries to ReEnable Reseller Nameserver this error comes
Error: 70900290 : Unable to update, make sure nameservers are valid (registered).
- Nameservers are valid (registered).
- Port TCP53 and UDP53 are opened
- There is no other reseller is using his own Nameservers to check if only this reseller is having this problem.
- I restarted the server as I thought some services are not running but there was no use

How can I know that CH6.1 configures Reseller Nameservers correctly? And what can be the problem?

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    RE: Reseller Nameserver Error 2008/11/01 06:22:34 (permalink)
    HC checks NameServer validity by using nslookup utility. Please come to the live chat and show this issue to support engineer.

    HC Support Team
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