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2008/12/01 14:47:51 (permalink)

Remote server install file

Right now when I install HC7 on a remote server, I have to download the big HC7 installation file, and it install a hole controlpanel (without database) on the remote server.

Is it not possible just to make a small installation file for remote servers with only the files needed for remote to work?

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    RE: Remote server install file 2008/01/15 06:08:54 (permalink)
    We have two different setups of HC7. You need to download HC installer ( HC7.exe ) without MSDE from here. Currently it is the only smallest size installer available for download. :)

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    RE: Remote server install file 2008/01/18 05:25:41 (permalink)
    do you mean to get a file smaller than 200 KB which start asking you about the feacher you need and then download them on your server and install them ?
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