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2008/10/03 06:58:30 (permalink)

Improvements in Autosignup

We would like to get opinion from our valued customers regarding current autosignup process, interface and functionality in HC7. Please feel free to post your suggestions here and if possible give some live examples. Thanks

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    RE: Improvements in Autosignup 2008/10/03 15:41:00 (permalink)
    In sign-up for Add-ons change the check box to a quantity option

    Allow us to set a pre set quantity for add-ons (example: 5 email pack)

    On free auto sign-ups have a secion for general billing information (ex: name, address, etc.)

    Instead or addition of showing a show/hide add-Ons.
    During auto sign-up after they pick a hosting plan and click next take them to a page of additional offered services.
    Allow us to turn this page on or off
    Give us the option for what is offered on the page

    thats my 10 cents for now
    Anyone else?
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    RE: Improvements in Autosignup 2008/12/03 14:10:42 (permalink)
    Multiple domain registrar option should show while registering domain name.
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