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2008/07/04 07:22:54 (permalink)

Does HC7 Actually work

I bought HC back in December. It took months for tech support to get our basic 2 machines hc up and working. License problems activation problems had to reinstall etc. Got flu came back 3 weeks later system all hung up, etc. Anyway, Since the install is finished and supposedly "working" client complain can't get mail and I have dns problems. . I put one customer on as test and I am concerned that I have to go out and buy something else and start over. What do you think? Does hc7 actually work and is reliable. Are you guys using it in production?
Please advise.

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    RE: Does HC7 Actually work 2008/07/04 08:05:40 (permalink)
    I am using it on my production server. Initially gave me problems but after getting the hang of it works fine for me. The best solution is to ask the support guys to have a good look at the problem and i am sure they would get to the bottom of it.

    They have started releasing regular fixes and the next fix does fix the issue. Its a personal experience.
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