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2008/04/22 10:44:19 (permalink)

Reseller currency


I had not set the currency for my reseller account, and now some invoices were sent using USD and this field is now fixed.

Is there a way to change it to CAD?


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    HC Team
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    RE: Reseller currency 2008/04/22 11:28:17 (permalink)
    You can not change currency if invoices were generated. The only solution is to create a new reseller and set its currency as CAD and transfer sites from old reseller to new reseller using Migration--->Transfer Websites option.

    HC Support Team
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    RE: Reseller currency 2008/04/22 11:53:52 (permalink)

    I thought so, thanks for the quick response.

    No back door?

    And when should I expect a french translation(if any) for invoicing?
    I'm willing to help.

    Thanks again
    HC Team
    Hosting Controller
    RE: Reseller currency 2008/04/23 03:59:05 (permalink)
    There is a back door but it can corrupt your HC database. You have to do it at your own risk. Don't forget to take HC database backup before committing any change. You have to modify following tables of HC7 database:

    tblHostBillingConfig (DefaultCurrency)(UserID)
    tblCurrency (currencyID)

    Thanks for your help. Please contact sales@hostingcontroller.com regarding translation. They will send you files to translate invoices in french language.
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