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2008/04/27 07:15:04 (permalink)

sms alert

hi, when will it be possible to have sms alert feature (eg. server down)?

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    RE: sms alert 2008/03/05 00:54:07 (permalink)
    Good Idea
    I'm using siteuptime.com now to monitor my servers
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    RE: sms alert 2008/05/05 19:21:58 (permalink)
    I use hyperspin.com to monitor my internet connections
    Then I have a server in my network (CACTI) to monitor everything else
    Also to save money instead of using SMS I have alarms sent to the email address of the cell phone
    I use Cingular
    the email address for your phone would be 5025557678@mobile.mycingular.com (Change 5025557678 to whatever your phone number is)
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    RE: sms alert 2008/05/05 23:13:29 (permalink)
    i use nagios to monitor my servers with or without hc7 and it's good . but i was talking about a feature that allows to send sms and emails too e.g when hc7 says a server is down for him (it is not really down,but not reachable by hc7. )or maybe the option to send sms for some types of tickets or actions. on windows it happens really often to me that e.g after ms updates hc7 shows server down , it does no more update awstats and other stuffs like changing plans, etc, and i know it only if i enter as hcadmin or recieve a bad mail from clients. i have a sms gateway to use, it will also be good to know where i can implement my pages.
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    RE: sms alert 2008/07/05 02:41:49 (permalink)
    We have forwarded your request to the concerned dept. and they are researching on it.

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    RE: sms alert 2008/07/05 06:45:13 (permalink)
    wow, that's fine. hope it will be possible!
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