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RE: Waiting for 2008 2008/05/28 23:13:07 (permalink)
So that was your personal opinion/observation... I thought Microsoft has given such recommendation.
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RE: Waiting for 2008 2008/05/29 06:22:47 (permalink)
Also your SQL 2005 x32 is limited to 3 gigs utilizing the /3GB boot option. SQL 2005 x64 has no such limit and can utilize 8, 16, or even 32 gigs of memory. We have both SQL 2005 x32 and x64 servers in production, same hardware, same software, same patches, and the x64 servers are noticeably faster for sql requests.

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RE: Waiting for 2008 2008/02/07 21:00:11 (permalink)
Has someone test HC7 on production server with Windows 2008 Server??


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RE: Waiting for 2008 2008/07/29 04:34:43 (permalink)
Hosting Controller releases Windows build18/Linux build14 and latest RBX for HC7. These latest builds(both for windows and linux) provide new enhancements with x64 Windows OS support and bug fixes in HC7. Please check this page for details.

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