LockedUbuntu server support ?

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2008/04/30 01:11:11 (permalink)

Ubuntu server support ?

Is there any chance we will see support for Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Server (64-bit) in the next HC release?

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    RE: Ubuntu server support ? 2008/04/30 04:14:59 (permalink)
    Personally I like Debian 4.0.. Do you think Ubuntu is more good than Debian ?
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    RE: Ubuntu server support ? 2008/08/05 05:29:42 (permalink)
    In near future there is no chance but we may consider it later.

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    RE: Ubuntu server support ? 2009/01/14 10:51:05 (permalink)
    As already explained by Hc support, Red Hat Enterprise rocks all the way with HC. So its better to use Red Hat Enterprise.
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    Re:Ubuntu server support ? 2009/05/26 11:20:09 (permalink)
    Ubuntu is now officially supported with Hosting Controller 8, the other distributions which we currently support are listed at http://hostingcontroller.com/english/products/Hc8/Supported-Software-Control-Panel-Automation.html .
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