Lockedupgrade utility does not work

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2008/04/30 14:37:51 (permalink)

upgrade utility does not work

I have several HC servers, absolutely every single one, the upgrade utility for HC7 has failed. I ask HC for support and they tell me not to run it but instead give them access to my servers and they will run them with thei rprogrammers, I have asked them why is this but they don't tell me.
ANybody else has run into the same issues ?

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    RE: upgrade utility does not work 2008/01/05 03:42:14 (permalink)
    Couple of months ago I have migrated 3 HC6 servers.

    2 Servers was migrated without any issue but face problem on one which was because of a some custom changes in HC6 Database. But I really appreciate HC support team who help me out in the migration process.

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