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2008/02/05 09:52:28 (permalink)

HC upgrade

I have been thinking about an upgrade for quite some time now and probably this is the best time to undergo an upgrade as HC 7 has grown stable.

Currently i am running HC6 on 17 individual machines. I want to upgrade them into 4 separate HC 7 clusters. I would like to hire dedicated support for this job and would like to know the charges. I am willing to pay for a good job.

Can send over the details of the intended setup in an email.

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    RE: HC upgrade 2008/02/05 10:22:21 (permalink)
    Nomrally we charge $100 per server to upgrade from HC6 to HC7. Please contact sales@hostingcontroller.com with complete details of your clusters then they will let you know the rest of the details.

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    RE: HC upgrade 2008/05/15 06:45:06 (permalink)
    Same thoughts here for my HC6, HC 7 had proven its worth, I am also thinking of updating soon.

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