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2008/03/05 11:17:39 (permalink)

multiple networks

when is hc going to support mutliple netwroks with NAT.

ive been told since last year this was being worked on in the next build. i still cant use my servers in other nat environments because hc does support it.

i have one name server in network 1 and second name server in network 2. when i had both servers in a dmz they worked great. but when you use nat and give them local ip addresses, then your database server will not see those servers.

its not best practice to have all your name servers on the same network or even in the same location. its hard for me to believe that we are the only company doing NAT for our servers in 2 different networks.

my ticket is never updated and i never hear anything about this getting resolved.

does anyone else have the same needs?

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    RE: multiple networks 2008/04/05 20:18:38 (permalink)
    I have machines in different locations but they running under public IPs, With which I don't have any issue.
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    RE: multiple networks 2008/08/05 05:25:08 (permalink)
    It is already in our to do list and we will support such setup with HC.

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