LockedTrouble TIckets Sort order

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2008/07/05 11:31:17 (permalink)

Trouble TIckets Sort order

when bringing up the tickets interface I realize they are sorted in ascending order displaying oldest one at the top, If I click on the Ticket Number header the sort order changes displaying the newest at the top but when opening it to edit it then savin it the sort order goes back to the default one showing oldest at the top.
HC, either make the default order displaying newest at the top or provide a way to select the default order preferred by the user. It is a hassle to see ticket 342 at the top when you are up to number 1500 already....

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    RE: Trouble TIckets Sort order 2008/08/05 05:23:48 (permalink)
    You are right. We will improve it in any of coming build.

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