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2008/05/20 06:26:04 (permalink)

Is HC still in business?

We havent had a single response for over a month from HC, despite numerous requests to update the ticket status.

And our livehelp never picks up.

This is really quite concerning as maybe they are folding to the competition?

Is anyone able to get hold of these guys?


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    RE: Is HC still in business? 2008/05/21 07:17:07 (permalink)
    We will fix this issue after build 16 release. Build 16 will be released in next week. Thanks for being patient with us. We really appreciate it.

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    RE: Is HC still in business? 2008/05/22 06:47:16 (permalink)
    this is typical with HC, they take their sweet time until they answer a support issue, sometimes they never do. I had several issues with their upgrade utility from HC6 to HC7, they got in my servers and disgnosed a bug in the utility itself, but htey decided not to fix it instead they told me that they will fix the bug in the next HC7 release, mind you this was over 2 weeks ago, so now I have a half way done upgrade/migration and I have some clients on HC7 and some clients on HC6. HC support did not want to fix the bug despite me begging that this was affecting my business and my customers, their last answer was and I am copying and pasting:


    This message is to notify you that your ticket: 20164157-0205 has been updated.

    Last Post:


    You are always welcome to try some other Control Panel support and see how they respond. Thanks

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    What nice reply from a company that is supposed to stand behind their product uh ?

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    RE: Is HC still in business? 2008/05/22 07:16:09 (permalink)

    We had been given you lots of favors in the past and this is for sure you could never ever satisfied from us.


    We are seriously apologizing from you. Actually this issue is relevant to HC6 (which is very old version and we have seized its further development) but we are trying our best to fix it ASAP.

    I must say you are a man of big heart and I really mean it.

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    RE: Is HC still in business? 2008/05/26 06:37:00 (permalink)
    I was still evaluating ***** and HC and think HC still stands out with better online support while ***** you have to pay for everything and many add-ons requires subscriptions and payments.

    ***** seems like a mature product but very slow and required $$ to support you. I get very stressed in figuring how ***** could help me after I bought the product but HC seems very straightforward.

    Yes, I think HC got a long way to go too to catch up competition and it seems they're making an effort to do so. [:I]

    Thank you!

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