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2008/05/25 04:56:04 (permalink)

Hosting Controller Migration Issue

It is extremely easy to migrate everything from one server of Cpanel to another or a domain from say Directadmin to another Directadmin server, more of a one click migration.

I really hope to find some sort of features similar to that in Hosting Controller. Best if we can migrate from other competitors such as sd, ***** seamlessly, I am sure we will win a lot of their clients.

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    RE: Hosting Controller Migration Issue 2008/05/25 23:17:04 (permalink)
    This is the reason why we opted for Cpanel for Linux instead of HC. HC should seriously think of improving the control panel to stay ahead of the competition.

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    RE: Hosting Controller Migration Issue 2008/05/25 23:28:30 (permalink)
    Yeah its very easy to migrate data to another server in cpanel...just a single click. Maybe its because of Linux platform where manual migration is also very simple. But in windows machine it is very very complicated, guess that's the reason that all windows panel unable to provide migration utility like cpanel does.
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