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2008/06/13 12:16:43 (permalink)

Quota Problem

I start to use HC7, but i got some doubt, the first is about quota problem and bandwith, i set a quota for a site to 100mb, and the bandwith to 100mb too, i already send to the server more than 1gb without problem, and i have download this files many times to see the bandwith limit, and i got no problem too, why???

i think that if i set to 100mb, if i try to send 110mb to the FTP, must got a error about disk space, or am i wrong? With the bandwith too.

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    RE: Quota Problem 2008/06/16 02:14:17 (permalink)
    This is an issue with the Quota System of Windows and not HC. If you have the Quota system disabled in your drive, then there won't be any quota enforced for the user though the plan created in the HC will be having the quota which will be deducted from the total quota assigned to the reseller (Except Unlimited) everytime you sell the plan to the user. Windows' Quota system is on the user volume rather than the directory. That means, if a user has been assigned 100 MB quota and he has uploaded 100 MB, it means he has consumed all the quota. Now, suppose the user deletes 50 MB. That means he has 50 MB left in the directory. But since, he already exceeded the 100 MB quota he cannot use it. This happens when the quota system is enabled in the Drive. Now, in the same directory you can upload more than 100 MB data if you have multiple users mapped to the same directory. Microsoft is now providing quota on directories in Windows 2003 R2 and Windows 2008 editions. This feature is known as File Resource manager and you can install it using the setup CD. Here you can assign quota to the directories rather than relying on the user volume which saves a lot of problem for hosting companies. I am not sure if HC is supporting this system in the new build for Windows 2008 or not. One thing is sure, now all the new versions and features provided by Microsoft in its various products are more Hosting oriented which is a good sign for the hosting companies.

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    RE: Quota Problem 2008/06/19 08:16:29 (permalink)

    We will support new Windows Quota System in future and instructions has been forwarded to the concerned dept.


    If you still have confusion please let me know.

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    RE: Quota Problem 2008/06/20 08:02:46 (permalink)
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