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2008/06/21 22:59:52 (permalink)

Suggestion for Application Installs

I just saw this on another control panel we use have started using.

When installing applications, like SugarCRM, Zencart or WordPress they go and download the latest version of the application from the applications website (or source forge, where most of the reside) and also grab an install script from their website that matches this download.

This way they always have a recent install, they can fix issues with their install script if needed and they keep all install scripts up to date automagically.

They also have code to install upgrades to already installed applications.
Just something HC might want to think about.


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    RE: Suggestion for Application Installs 2008/06/23 02:29:39 (permalink)
    This is a very good feature and already in our to do list. We would love to implement it as soon as we get time. Thanks

    HC Support Team
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