LockedTicket system not working

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2008/07/31 06:49:50 (permalink)

Ticket system not working

I was wondering why it took so long for support after submitting a ticket, well it shows that the past tickets were never open or recorded my latest one 20200880-2907 that I opened july 29th at 10:30am and receieved the auto reply shows it doesn't exist.

What's going on?

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    HC Team
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    RE: Ticket system not working 2008/07/31 08:26:12 (permalink)
    Support has replied to your email with new ticket number.

    HC Support Team
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    RE: Ticket system not working 2008/07/31 12:34:10 (permalink)
    Thanks for the reply and the help, that's just wierd the ticket would not show up. I knew there had to be something going on for you guys not responding after almost 2 days.

    Thanks again
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