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Webadmin - Hosting plans...

From reading forum posts I get the idea that the admin is the overall controll for the sytsem, resellers can purchase preset plans from the admin. These resellers can then create their own plans from within this. They then sell to webadmins.

At present i have the admin account and a single reseller account for myself. I then create a webadmin for each person I sell webspace to. The problem is that they have access to the hosting section from their interface, including the ability to see and buy hosting plans - is this correct? Should a webadmin be able to further sell webspace? Surely this makes the need for the reseller pointless?

What are the most common menus to leave available to web admins

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    RE: Webadmin - Hosting plans... 2008/12/08 00:25:56 (permalink)
    WebAdmin can not sell hosting plans. He can only purchase hosting plans from reseller and use the resources according to the purchased quota in plans. You can provide any menu option to reseller as per your own requirement from this path My Server--->Menu Access.

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