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2008/11/08 11:32:59 (permalink)

SmarterMail and multiple domains.

Ive got a few clients that have 2 or more domains, they have a primary and then multiple domain aliases. Is it possible to attach a domain alias in HC&. All it needs to do is to either view the primary website or redirect to the primary website. It also needs to handle forwarding mail correct.

For example i have www.primarydomain.com and www.domain2.com. I setup primarydomain.com in HC7 and it creates a smartermail account. I then setup a few mail users for this domain, user1@primarydomain.com and user2@primarydomain.com. I now want to how domain2.com view the same website as primarydomain.com - i dont want to have to duplicate the website as that would be a waste of server space. Also I want user1@domain2.com to forward to user1@primarydomain.com etc. I know SmarterMail can handle this but im not sure how to set this up from HC7.

Also is it possible to configure the catch all from HC7?

Many Thanks in Advance

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