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2008/12/08 03:33:57 (permalink)


this is not a bug
but it's a case we must take care of
one of my clients has a subdomain called admin.hissitename.com
after applying the last hotfix mysite.com:8787 stopped working
after some investigations I found that the HC site has a host header conflicting with this site , I removed it manually and every thing is working fine
all what I ask for that hc check if there is a subdomain called admin, don't add admin.sitename.com to the host header of the hc site
Thank you

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    HC Team
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    RE: admin.mysitename.com 2008/08/13 04:35:18 (permalink)
    We set prefix in 'admin.domain.com' according to value provided at My Server :: Configure Web Server( Control Panel Access ). If reseller has set ‘panel’ then we will create it as panel.domain.com.

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