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2009/07/01 08:47:09 (permalink)

Exchange Request

Hi Guys,

Great job on the exchange management, just a request that I would like to see.

1. When a user clicks delete in their control panel, could this be changed so is does not actually delete the mailbox but performs the same action that the disable function does, then also remove the user from active directory and also remove the mailbox from the users quota/view. Leaving the mailbox in the disconnected state incase of a restorations is needed.

You could then remove the disable function as I see it not really having any use.

This will have a benifit of if the user deleted the mailbox by accident then it will allow us as administrators to manually relink the mailbox back to a user within the domain as the mailbox is retained by the server for a default of 30 days.

Thanks in advance for any response.



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    HC Team
    Hosting Controller
    RE: Exchange Request 2009/09/01 03:32:17 (permalink)
    Thanks for your advise. We will change our implementation as per your suggestion.

    HC Support Team
    HC Staff
    HC Staff
    RE: Exchange Request 2009/07/07 01:37:34 (permalink)
    Much improvement has been already done in HC8 version. But if there any other then we will gladly consider them.

    Please Share your experience with us so we could cover them in HC Exchange panel.
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