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2009/01/27 06:29:35 (permalink)

error installing package

I setup a brand new CentOS 5 server.
I downloaded hc7 linux and I extracted it to a temp folder.
As root I run ./hc7installer from terminal.
this is the error I get:

* Copyright (C) 2007-2008 by Hosting Controller *
* Welcome to Hosting Controller 7 Build 16 Linux Installation *
* Email us at: support@hostingcontroller.com for any assistance *
* *
Extracting the package. Please wait this may take some time...........
Error while extracting the package

I downloaded it again thinking that maybe somethign went wrong with the first download but same results.

any help ?

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    HC Team
    Hosting Controller
    RE: error installing package 2009/01/29 09:12:30 (permalink)
    Please make sure about following things:

    - selinux is disabled on the server. If it is enabled then disable it using this article.

    - You are login as root user to extract and install hc on linux machine.

    You should directly contact hc support in case of further issue.

    HC Support Team
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