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2009/02/04 04:59:49 (permalink)

Feature Requests

there is no requests since 1/19/2009
that mean everything you need is here in HC
HC team is one step in front of our imagination
for me I love HC as a product since I used it 1st time in 2002
and till now I love it

I loved the old team Taher , said and the others
they were helping you as a friend not as a client

HC team now become more professional and less friendly
my request is
please consider your clients as friends (as I always used to from HC team)
and don't consider your clients as clients

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    RE: Feature Requests 2009/02/04 13:10:59 (permalink)
    In my point of view professionalism is more important than friendly act where we do software related business.

    Friendly response should be expected from a sales person :) . Whereas a professional attitude should follow by a Tech person.
    RE: Feature Requests 2009/02/04 17:04:09 (permalink)
    HC free support is more important for me
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