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2009/02/04 16:08:13 (permalink)

Multiple Setup Fee Options

It would be very useful if we could have multiple setup fee options for each plan, much as we do as far as recurring billing options (a separate setup fee option for each recurring option).

This would allow us to waive or reduce setup fees on plans, depending on what recurring option the customer chooses.

Right now there is only one setup fee field for each plan, so whatever setup fee is applied, applies to all recurring options. Adding this functionality will produce much more flexibility for reseller admins in their packages.

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    RE: Multiple Setup Fee Options 2009/02/04 16:33:56 (permalink)
    If I am not wrong HC give option to chose monthly/Quarterly/yearly billing for a plan
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    RE: Multiple Setup Fee Options 2009/07/04 11:25:14 (permalink)
    True, but that has nothing to do with my feature request. I'm talking about setup fees, not recurring amounts.

    If there were a separate setup fee field for each billing option (ie. monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual), then we could make plans that have a mix of setup fees, depending on billing mode.

    For example, we could create a plan where monthly billing has no setup fee, but the other billing modes do.
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    RE: Multiple Setup Fee Options 2009/07/04 12:48:32 (permalink)
    This may confuse new user little bit :), Usually to attract new customers we chose 0 setup fee and focus on recurring amount ;)
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