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2009/04/25 00:14:21 (permalink)

How to secure server

I would like to know how do I secure the server without causing harm to or breaking the HC7 and still have my server highly secure against DDoS and other types of web attacks. Can anybody help me with this?

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    Re:How to secure server 2009/05/21 05:07:22 (permalink)
    I would like to get HC expert opinion on this topic
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    Re:How to secure server 2009/05/22 04:33:18 (permalink)
    Can any HC expert reply on this?
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    Re:How to secure server 2009/05/28 11:22:59 (permalink)
    I haven't received an official secure setup recommendation from HC regarding this but I can let you know how I have configured my servers. I feel that it is secure enough for my purposes.
    I have an ISA 2006 server in the DMZ with an SSL certificate that has an HTTPS listener. When the ISA Server receives any HTTPS requests it forwards the request via HTTPS to the internal HC web server. In this way the ISA server takes care of any requests from the internet and the HC web server is not open to the Internet at all. Simple to setup too.
    There are a couple of simple registry changes to make within the ISA Server as there is a potential security hole that needs to be closed. I know of this because a previous implementation I did with ISA server was scanned by a security company to receive a security compliance certificate. Once the registry changes were made the security scan passed.
    If anyone is interested and wants more technical detail I am happy to help.
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