LockedIs HC planning on maintaining Click & Install

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2009/04/05 11:55:46 (permalink)

Is HC planning on maintaining Click & Install

I guess I wanted to know if HC was going to maintain and update the click and install apps every quarter or so. I am now looking into adding more apps to the list but I would very much like to see some updates in the mean time.

Maybe we can use a format similar to http://www.apscatalog.com to maintain and update products. We can all contribute to them for everyone to download and utilize. Any thoughts from the community on this would be great too. I honestly believe there is value to having them available to our prospects and customers.

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    HC Team
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    RE: Is HC planning on maintaining Click & Install 2009/06/05 10:33:01 (permalink)
    We have now given flexibility to host to add and maintain as many click and install apps with Hosting Controller as he wants. Right now we don't have any plans to bundle more of these applications with HC installer. But if you've suggestion on implementation improvements then do post us with your feedback.

    HC Support Team
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    RE: Is HC planning on maintaining Click & Install 2009/06/03 20:33:21 (permalink)
    Do you provide services to integrate any application on client request ?, ofcourse by paying charges :)
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