LockedWhite Screen afetr I installed HC8

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2009/06/02 19:45:16 (permalink)

White Screen afetr I installed HC8

I m using CnetOS 5.3  and 520 RAM and 12 GB space  every thing went fine but I cant access the HC8 admin panel I just see white window

attached is my final part of my  installation

Enter IP address of client HostingController machine:

Do you want to add another IP (y/n): n
*  Copyright (C) 2007-2009 by Hosting Controller                  *
*  Welcome to Hosting Controller 8 Build 1 Linux Installations    *
*  Email us at: support@HostingController.com for any assistance  *
*  Copying Required Files...                                      *
Copying files. Please wait this may take some time.........
Updating your system....
Creating configuration file...

Please run command:    hc8 start    :to make it work

                        Use command 'hc8 {start|stop|restart}'
                to start, stop or restart HostingController server.

        For any further assistance email us at: support@HostingController.com
[root@hc8c hc8]# hc8 start
HC Server Started


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    Re:White Screen afetr I installed HC8 2009/06/03 08:54:26 (permalink)
    Your HC db will be on windows and then you can add Linux  as a 2nd server

    You can install HC8 on Linux machine by itself you have to have the windows machine as your main server and then you can and ms sql as  your main HC8 database

    Why not writing script for HC8 linux install only its partially  windows dependent install
    HC Staff
    HC Staff
    Re:White Screen afetr I installed HC8 2009/06/03 19:56:12 (permalink)
    HC8 gives its users the freedom to use any operating system (Windows/Linux) in their cluster, with only one limitation that the control/master server must have Windows servers installed and have a web-server role.

    This is our design structure to make linux panel workable with existing HC windows panel as child system (cluster). The advantage of such implementation is to manage/use both windows/linux machine roles in a single interface.

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