Does hc support share point with WMSDE

2009/06/08 23:02:10 (permalink)

Does hc support share point with WMSDE

does hc support sharepoint with wmsde or we have to install sql server. i have gone through with installation installation with wmsde is simple but you cannot access database while with sql server installation is messy.
Hope some one has good idea what to do.

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    HC Staff
    HC Staff
    Re:Does hc support share point with WMSDE 2009/06/09 21:21:42 (permalink)
    When you install Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 it give 2 options
    1= Basic ( For standalone machine )
    2= Advanced ( Server Farm Environment )

    Option first create sharepoint database instance with setup and using the second ( advanced ) you can connect it in local or remote sql server.
    BTW: Option two is recommended as because sometime sharepoint installation may fail due to database instance creation. Such case usually come if a user try to uninstall and then install sharepoint.

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