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2009/06/10 12:27:02 (permalink)

Data base connection information


I m using MSSQL 2005 and windows 2008 server

Using mixed mode in 2005

I installed MSSQl 2005 fine and I was able to login with my sa user name

but when I tried to run the HC8 installation it gave me the error check your Database connection  information

Whast the cause of the problem might be?

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    Re:Data base connection information 2009/06/10 23:13:49 (permalink)
    Which type of installation are you doing
    1= HC database server ( Primary setup )
    2= HC subsequent ( Secondary machine )

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    Re:Data base connection information 2009/06/11 13:38:54 (permalink)

    this is what was missing on my installation and the installation and support team helped  me out and point me towards it

    I think I read things about this part is populated and its not recommend to change any thing so I kept skipping it every time

    But this was only part that I was missing

    My installation was for Data base server.
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    Re:Data base connection information 2009/09/08 18:48:42 (permalink)
    can you kindly please tell me what are the specs needed in order for me to use this software?
    I am kinda curious of what is the capability of this software?
    and how does it differ from the other versions?

    HC Staff
    Re:Data base connection information 2009/09/09 15:20:37 (permalink)
    To run HC panel you would need basically 1 windows server, specification depends on server load which you will put on it.
    For basic role you should prepare PIV with 1 GB RAM.

    Different version comparison is listed in this link http://hostingcontroller....-panel-comparison.html
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