LockedAWSTATS is not showing old stats

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2009/06/23 22:18:10 (permalink)

AWSTATS is not showing old stats

we have migrated our server to new one and we have installed hc 8.0 with awstats. On the old

server we have used weblog expert for stats program. When we imported (copy/paste) the stats

from the old server to the new server, awstats didnt reconginzed the old stats. Hosting

Controller support didn't want to deal with this problem and they have advised us to write

in the forums and ask for solution.

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    Re:AWSTATS is not showing old stats 2009/06/23 23:46:06 (permalink)
    Awstats has no such option available to parse other stat server or old web server log.
    Only this feature available in Live Xsp & smarter Stats server  but these 2 are not a free software.
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