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2009/07/03 06:08:48 (permalink)

wordpress help

The typical link which is created by Wordpress blog is www.domain.com/blog & now my one customer wants to have this link to start website with means he wants his site to start with BLOG page only & he does not want to create IIS redirection as de does not wants users to see www.domain.com/blog   & he wants to start blog right in home page
Also We’ve installed wordpress for a domain, current version what we’ve have with Click & Install is v.2.3.3 & latest version available online is v2.8, can this be upgraded? How do we do it?
Plz Let me know how this can be done?
Thanks in advance

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    Re:wordpress help 2009/07/03 23:17:19 (permalink)
    you can simple create a sub domain in hc panel like http://blog.domain.com and give wordpress path as home directory.
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    Re:wordpress help 2009/07/18 14:17:50 (permalink)
    I just changed the redirect page to /blog and it shows as site.com  when they go to it..
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    Re:wordpress help 2009/09/02 07:54:29 (permalink)
    it would be nice to have this option as you are creating the blog. we have to change the directory path to point to the wordpress folder under the special folder.
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    Re:wordpress help 2009/09/03 11:05:40 (permalink)
    Since right now the most important point is to upgrade these click apps version. In coming build we are upgrading couple of applciations which been used very frequently like wordpress blog, Joomla, PHPmyadmin etc

    And will definitely consult with concern department to review the integration of click apps.
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    Re:wordpress help 2009/10/09 08:56:01 (permalink)

                 It is very good. It very good discussion and i would like to know more about wordpress. can you tell me more ?


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    Re:wordpress help 2009/10/31 14:18:03 (permalink)
    Update the version as thats the old version and you can try sub-domain for the blog it will do the work for you.
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