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2009/07/04 01:57:02 (permalink)

Server DOWN plus Licensing details not found

Currently server status for one of my servers is showing as DOWN in HC panel and also it shows that server license is not activated. I went to My Server ---> Activate License location at host level to activate my HC license but it does not display proper licensing information in this place. What shall I do to resolve this issue?
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Re:Server DOWN plus Licensing details not found 2009/07/04 06:46:05 (permalink)
Please follow below steps in order to fix such issue.

1= If you have multiple machines in the HC cluster then same HC build version must have applied on all HC machines.

2= Network card which holding the hc panel ip address must have High prorirty (This case only applies incase dual network card in the machine)

To set priority of the network card

Go to start :: run :: Control Panel :: Network Card :: Advanced tab :: Advanced Setting  >>> Bring nic card on top list to set high priority.

3= If firewall is configured between servers then these ports must open for incoming/outgoing  ( Tcp/Ip ) request on both machines
Sql port = 1433
HC Server port = 8788
HC Remoting port = 8789

 4= Go to Services Management Console by clicking Start-->Run-->services.msc(Press Enter) and restart the HC Remoting service do this on HC db and problem machine.

5= Incase IIS installed on the machine then recycle HCAppPool from Start > run > inetmgr > IIS > Application Pool ( this will refresh all hc panel web related services )

6= Follow this last step only incase you have changed the Server ip address

Server starts showing DOWN if you change the ip of your server, as this effect communication between server and hc database server.
In order to resolve this issue consult with kb  http://support.hostingc...ction=kb&article=276

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Re:Server DOWN plus Licensing details not found 2009/09/02 07:57:18 (permalink)
normally a restart of the hc remoting service on your db machine and machine in question fixes the issue. I tend to have to do this alot. Also make sure all your machines are on the same hc build.
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