Lockedplan creation error

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2009/07/04 21:10:49 (permalink)

plan creation error

Is anyone experiencing this error with HC8 when trying to add or edit hosting plans.

Please enter a valid numeric value. It should be between 0 and 50

I cannot edit the mailbox size beyond 50MB.

EDIT: I got this resolved. Looks like 50MB is the default for resellers when an hcadmin creates a reseller plan.  I had to change this value in the plan resources on a per reseller basis.  If that's how it should be, then this issue is resolved. :)

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    Re:plan creation error 2009/07/04 22:53:18 (permalink)
    Did you allow reseller to sell more than 50 MB in a  mailbox ? Verify this from HCHost level path Hosting Plan :: Plan Resource Properties > Chose reseller & press next > there check out detail to assign size.
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