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2009/07/07 07:08:00 (permalink)

HC8 and Exchange

When entering new mailbox users, HC8 does not update Exchange mailbox with information like first and last name, address etc... It seems to be stored only in the HC8 database.

The problem I'm running into, is any mailbox account created with HC8 does not show the user's full name to the recipient. Only the username.

The only way I've found to populate that information is to go into the Exchange Management Console and update it manually.

I must be missing something in the configuration. How do I configure HC8 to update entered contact data in Exchange?

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    HC Staff
    HC Staff
    Re:HC8 and Exchange 2009/07/07 07:43:38 (permalink)
    Hi there,
               HC doesn't save any user information into its database. User info is saved/retrieved directly from Exchange server.  This functionality is working fine locally and at HC Demo site www.hostingcontrollerdemo.com . You can check it there goint  to Tools :: Mail Manager :: Mail Domains :: Mailboxes :: Edit General Properties.
    Do you get any error when trying to save user settings? You can open a ticket for this issue  with HC support if you are getting any error.
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    Re:HC8 and Exchange 2009/07/07 08:07:28 (permalink)
    My fault, it's actually working fine. I was confusing Webadmin details with the mailbox details. Thanks for the quick reply.
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