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2009/07/19 05:35:58 (permalink)

Increase time out of the control panel login

Hello,  Is there a way i can increase the time out of the control panel.  I am migrating 150 sites and have lots of things to do in between but when i go back to control panel after 5 or 10 minutes i am logged out and have to log back in again.  I would like to increase this timeout so have time to complete the tasks that i am working on.

thank you.

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    HC Staff
    Re:Increase time out of the control panel login 2009/07/20 01:42:53 (permalink)
    This session control by .NetFrameWork itself in the IIS, you can try to extend timing and see if this helps. Go to IIS > Websites > Right click > Properties > Home Directory tab > Configuration Button > Option tab. See the attach pic

    Also make same above process on Hosting Controller site too.

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