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2009/07/20 04:19:08 (permalink)

unable to remove db

I have sql server 2008 on Remote machine when trying to remove a db, HC display this error
Error : 73100090 : Error occurred while creating SQLServer client object

How can I remove db ?
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Re:unable to remove db 2009/07/20 06:07:48 (permalink)
This doesn't matter if sql server locate on local or remote machine, Only this problem appears if database is not existed in sql server or corrupted.

Follow below instructions to fix such issue

1= First of all make sure that HC is working with sql server, to verify this create a test db.

2= To remove corrupt db open HC database Table TblDatabases find db here and remove it.

3= Check for db in sql server as well as in sql server installation/data folder, remove them if entry exist.

Above instructions shall fix the issue, let us know if problem persists.
Re:unable to remove db 2009/07/20 06:13:45 (permalink)
Issue is fix, thx for your help
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