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HC Staff
HC Staff
2009/08/03 10:10:09 (permalink)

Enhancement suggestion

We have accumulative quota at reseller level. Whatever is sold to a reseller, its used as a whole package. What if we do the same implementation at webadmin level? Means whatever is sold to a webadmin; he should be allowed to use it as he like. This will solve many of the confusions which webadmin face at his level

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    Re:Enhancement suggestion 2009/08/03 10:27:46 (permalink)
    Totally agree with new enhancement. There were lot of confusion in webadmin resource quota management.

    If a webadmin have 2 plans including disk quota
    Plan A = 50 MB
    Plan B = 1 GB

    If a website associated with plan A  use all disk space,  then HC automatic generate email with website stop warning due to over Usage. Funny thing is webadmin have much space left in Plan B which he can't merge/use in Plan A. 

    My vote is YES 
    Re:Enhancement suggestion 2009/08/10 14:44:49 (permalink)
    what has been decided on this enhancement ?
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    Re:Enhancement suggestion 2009/08/13 01:43:41 (permalink)
    I agree with Patrick as the implementation will enhance the options for webadmins who are main end users and after all webhosting is all about end users
    HC Staff
    HC Staff
    Re:Enhancement suggestion 2009/09/03 11:07:01 (permalink)
    Stay tune for build4 version to have couple of new enhancement in HC panel.
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