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2009/08/07 14:09:01 (permalink)

OUtlook 2007

as some of you are aware with exchange you can offer outlook 2007 license as well. im wondering if anyone knows how to provide this to your client after they purchase the exchange hosting from you.

i have only 1 idea which is ftp but it seems like it maybe should be incorporated into the hc panel somehow under one of the plans and then download. then also have an area to put down your company spla key.

if anyone is doing this let me know. im interested to know how as we are starting to get inquiries from our clients.


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    Re:OUtlook 2007 2011/08/03 18:10:49 (permalink)
    Is anyone handing out the outlook software and license to their clients? How are you doing this within the HC panel or outside of it.
    Re:OUtlook 2007 2011/08/12 21:01:56 (permalink)
    Offering outlook CAL with to exchange account will increase the your business expense. Though it good at attracting client to exchange services point of view but still this will expand your business cost.
    Normally customers around globe do have already outlook activation so they don't bother to ask for it.
    We been offering exchange more than 2 years but rarely receive 1 or 2 request for it.
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