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2009/09/25 10:29:49 (permalink)

Domain Check in Signup

Could we have HC Dev team look into having a check for domain name as part of the signup.
Matt Comeau

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    HC Staff
    HC Staff
    Re:Domain Check in Signup 2009/09/25 18:35:04 (permalink)
    This option already exist in our to-do list, we will again send a request toward concern department to consider it quickly.
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    Re:Domain Check in Signup 2009/09/27 23:36:35 (permalink)
    Can I know what advantage will this feature have?
    HC Staff
    HC Staff
    Re:Domain Check in Signup 2009/09/29 12:11:00 (permalink)
    Well users will have option to check domain name availability in the Auto Signup before the account creation.
    Currently HC use Whois at the time of domain Registration but not in separate section.
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