LockedIs HC blocking mod_rewrite

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2009/09/27 19:03:52 (permalink)

Is HC blocking mod_rewrite

does HC block mod_rewrite
we have a problem with wordpress sites, when they enable permalinks it shuts the site down as the .htaccess file is created, we have followed all the wordpress instructions from wordpress but it still comes up with ‘.htaccess: RewriteEngine not allowed here’ in the logs
, and the site has

Internal Server Error

The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.
The reason we installed a linux box was so these people could run these sites with out the problems of windows
cheers Sandy

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    HC Staff
    HC Staff
    Re:Is HC blocking mod_rewrite 2009/09/29 12:05:20 (permalink)
    When a user create website through HC panel the AllowOverRide in httpd.conf by default set to AuthConfig. Because of this you may not be able to use custom .htaccess file. 
    In coming HC build we will support this integration so user will not face any trouble in using .htaccess files for websites.
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    Re:Is HC blocking mod_rewrite 2009/10/31 00:32:37 (permalink)
    "comming hc build" - is that hte NEXT or? and when will this be released?

     This design error of HC makes it close to completly useless for all modern CMS on linux as they all use .htaccess for rewriting and SEO ofcause. Should be known to everybody and it effectivly means we are hand changing all virtual websites setup at the moment - not really the idea of a controlpanel :)
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