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2009/09/27 23:41:10 (permalink)

Secure FTP in IIS 7

I want to know how does HC8 handle FTP over SSL in Windows 2008. Can we create enable SSL for FTP while creating a website in Windows 2008 via HC?

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    HC Staff
    HC Staff
    Re:Secure FTP in IIS 7 2009/09/29 12:13:12 (permalink)
    First of all let me explain that HC only use Shared SSL which user can enable on a website not ftp domain. May I know what exactly your query is ?
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    Re:Secure FTP in IIS 7 2009/10/01 04:22:23 (permalink)
    As everybody knows Windows 2008 has IIS 7 shipped with it and IIS 7 supports SSL in MS FTP 7. Hence, we can enable FTP over SSL if a website is created manually. I want to know if HC supports FTP over SSL if the website or FTP site is created using HC.
    HC Team
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    Re:Secure FTP in IIS 7 2009/10/06 05:08:14 (permalink)
    Currently our developers are in process of supporting MS FTP 7 that will be given in any coming build. Once MSFTP 7 is supported then we will see it is possible or not with HC panel.

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