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2009/10/31 01:55:30 (permalink)

security/feature request

request for better security: could we get a serversetting or webhotel setting even better of enabling or disabling perl and/or cgi-bin settings


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    HC Staff
    HC Staff
    Re:security/feature request 2009/11/01 23:49:26 (permalink)
    Can you please elaborate this question... ?

    FYI: user can enable/Disable Perl extension on the website from Tool --- Scripting Manager---Perl.

    From HC you can only enable/disable perl mapping on a website but can't do any additional task  on the server.
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    Re:security/feature request 2009/11/02 08:46:45 (permalink)
    hummm, not sure I see how to do this at the user level. I tried to "autologin" to a user on a linux server but the user can only enable/disable PHP - maybe Im looking the wrong place. I will look some more.

    anyway its not what I want :)

    We want to make sure its not possible for resellers to offer and users to use perl/cgibin/exe anything like this. They are allowed asp/asp.net/php depending on windows/linux. Or ofcause be able to enable it for a user after we know for sure who he is and why we are enabling it.

    For us its just disabling it all together in apache config, but it would be a nice feature to disable it and not have HC write all the DIR things to httpd.conf and so on.

    HC Staff
    HC Staff
    Re:security/feature request 2009/11/02 20:17:18 (permalink)
    Perl/PHP option will be visible to linux reseller/webadmin if these scripting languages are enable in Global setting.

    Secondly, Host or reseller can disable menu to use scripting Manager (Tool ) but we don't provide an option to hide Perl only.
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